We care a lot to supply small or big shipments request on the right time which is urgent or not. That’s why Exportall is one of the reliable olive oil exporters in Turkey. We can supply high quality extra virgin olive oil from early and late harvested olive all year long through our high capacity of production and storage.

Under our brand as Ermolive Ermenek Olive Oil, we have olive oil varieties such as extra virgin, virgin, refined and pomace. Besides that, we have a wide range of packaging options for these products and it’s giving us a strong position in the olive oil export in Turkey. Among these packaging options: glass bottle, plastic bottle, tin box and flexi tank.

Our Types of Olive Oils Exported from Turkey by Exportall

When the companies want to import olive oil from Turkey, they can have a wide range of options. The reason is that Turkey is known as one of the motherlands of olive oil because of its coast to the Aegean. That’s why there are many Turkish olive oil exporter and why Turkish olive oils can be find easily at all over the world. As Exportall Foreign Trade Ltd., under the brand of Ermolive, we want to bring our Quality Turkish Olive Oil together with different cultures at the best price and be largest olive oil exporter in Turkey. For this purpose, types of olive oil we export are Extra Virgin, Virgin, Early Harvest, Refined and Pomace Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rather than wide olive grove, we harvest our olive from small separate olive grove ones. These tiny olive groves have never met any pesticides and chemicals. We can say that the locals here are new to olive cultivation, so they really care to harvest good olives. And we obtain our olive oil from these special olives. These olives made into two types of olive oils based on the harvest time: Early Harvest and Late Harvest, which we can supply for the export in Turkey.

Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil produced with the same methods and processes as extra virgin olive oil, is just behind this in terms of quality. Their sensor profiles and acidity level make these two types of olive oil different from each other. Virgin olive oil also is also reach in good taste and smell like extra virgin olive oil.

Pomace Olive Oil

After the olive oil production, some solid rescue lefts and it is called pomace. This rescue still contains olive oil content but to extract it we need use of some chemicals and solvents. Pomace oil has not EVOO’s flavors and aroma first, for this a portion of extra virgin olive oil is added into pomace oil. Pomace oil is more heat tolerant than EVOO and it can be used for similar purposes.

Bulk Turkish Olive Oil Exporter

If we talk about Turkish Olive Oil Export, bulk packing is the biggest part of it. Every year companies from different country import large amount of olive oil from Turkey as bulk loading. Of course, there are multiple types of packing in bulk loading, and we can meet any types of requests for packing. This makes us one of largest bulk Turkish olive oil exporters.


Bottled For Pleasure

The olive oil carefully processed to bring all its natural beauty to your table is offered to you in its purest form without using additives. Moreover, it takes its perfect essence from the latest technology production facility and traditional collection methods. The olive oil is waiting to accept your satisfaction one step further with its taste, purity, and naturality. The custom-made Ermolive which has high-quality has been introduced to leave pleasure in your palate.

You will feel it with superior taste and naturalness.

Acidity & Pesticide

It contains max 0.5 acidity ve %0 pesticides.


250ml, 500ml, 1000ml dark green glass and pet bottles and 2000ml tin box are available.

Our Certificates

ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO22000:2018, ISO 10002:2018, Halal


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